This section will briefly outline the privacy policy applicable to the site for every user. Any information (personal or non-personal) that is collected by is managed accordingly.

How data is collected on

Specific data may be collected by when users fill out names, email addresses, date of birth etc. in forms featured on the website. In other cases, non-specific data may be obtained from individual users by automatically reading a web IP address, GPS coordinates or the type of web browser being used. This is a standard feature of most websites.

How data is used by

Data collected by the abovementioned ways may or may not be used by for different purposes. For example, data can be used to identify if a user is a return visitor by or find the internal search history within this website that the user has previously made. This is in order to enhance the overall user experience of

Privacy protection

Please be noted that will never share your private/personal data or sell your private/personal data with any third party. That said, it is advisable to use precaution at all times when browsing online and safeguarding against any breach of privacy.